Rizal Memorial Sports Complex

The Rizal Memorial Sports Complex was inaugurated in 1934, in time for the Far Eastern Championship Games. The Art Deco sports facility was designed by architect Juan Arellano and stands on the land donated by the Vito Cruz family. It has been the site of different important moments in the city and country’s history. During the Philippine Commonwealth, the sports complex was used as a civic area and was the site where Manuel Quezon was named one of the presidential candidates in the 1935 elections.

It was reconstructed for the 1954 Asian Games after it was destroyed during World War II. The complex was renovated next in 2011.The Rizal Memorial Coliseum is the centerpiece facility and has a maximum seating capacity of 10,926. The administrative office of the PSC as well as the national athletes’ dormitory are also housed in the RMSC. In April 2017, the sports complex was declared a national historical landmark by the National Historical Commission of the Philippines and an important cultural property by the National Museum of the Philippines ensuring the site’s preservation due to the National Cultural Heritage Act.


What's inside RMSC