Josephine Medina of the Philippines won a silver medal in the Asian Para Games table tennis competition. Medina, a bronze winner in the 2016 Paralympics, settled for second place in Jakarta after bowing to Mao Jingdian of China in the finals of the women's singles TT8, according to the Asian Para Games website.

TT8 is short for table tennis class 8, defined on as "athletes with moderate impairment of their legs or moderately affected playing arm compete in this sport class. An athlete with muscle weakness in one leg due to polio would for example compete in this sport class." 

Medina first got past Thailand's Kanlaya Kriabklang and China's Wenjuan Huang to arrange a title joust with Mao.

Medina is the first Filipino ever to win a medal in the Paralympics, bagging a silver in the Rio Games 2 years ago.

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